SimonSell is the specialist for card reward systems. Together with our banking partners, we offer a wide variety of bonus and reward schemes. Collect additional points, miles or receive a cashback. 


Eurowings Airline Reward Card


The VISA and MasterCard offer bonus miles for new sign-ups so that you can have a headstart in your miles rewards! The miles can also be redeemed for hotel accommodations, car rentals, or merchandise, in addition to free airfare bookings.


o2 VISA Bonus Reward Card

The cardholders collect points with every Euro spent. These points can then be redeemed for attractive rewards, such as cinema vouchers, iPads or even free minutes or o2 roaming services.


Cashback Cards


cardNmore - Retail Reward Program 


cardNmore comes in the unique set of a credit and a debit card. This also includes the cardNmore rewards membership featuring the ability to earn reward points for all card purchases.


Krombacher Mastercard GOLD

The first Co-Branded Credit Card for Germany's best- known premium beverage brand. Cashbacks can also be donated to sustainability projects.




VOI Mastercard GOLD

Intelligence meets Innovation. Earn 6 Free Rides and one VOI Mile for every Euro you spend with the new VOI Mastercard GOLD. The new VOI Mastercard is free for all VOI users.


Gift Cards


Star Gift cards


Petrol station gift cards are one of the best selling reward items. Reward Processing is the most critical issue for most of the existing loyalty schemes. RewardINC offers you a wide range of media products and gadgets. RewardINC is a lean, but sophisticated online ordering platform, which allows you to set up your individual reward program easy and fast.


Reward and Cash-Back base on checkout receipts


 Redemption via SMS

The receipt or code redemption via SMS is particularly user-friendly. In principle, the customer should be given the choice of uploading receipts or sending them via SMS. For campaigns in the USA, over 50% of receipts are sent quickly and easily via SMS.

Redemption via Business WhatsApp

This tool allows the user to send receipts to Cent-it-Back from the previously registered mobile phone number via WhatsApp.

In addition to the simple and quick evaluation, this enables interaction with the customer.

Redemption via Upload/App

Basic receipt upload from a desktop computer or smartphone.

The purchase price of the product can be determined via a receipt. The amount of the purchase price can be incentivized in different ways.

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